In these strange times, engagement with the natural environment has been highlighted as a precious part of our ability to survive, make sense of the world around and within us, and mediate our health at all levels of being. The importance of the natural environment’s place has been foregrounded, as has our impact on it. So too, has our ability to redress the balance when – motivated to do so.

For institutions whose business is engagement with this environment, it may be an opportune moment to ask questions of critical reflexivity. 

How are NTNU’s discourses shaping the way in which it engages with the natural environment? Do these discourses affect the way in which its stakeholders are perceived? What are the limits of NTNU’s episteme, and how might these be identified, to illuminate the ways in which stakeholders are ‘produced’ by discourse?

How might we apply the imaginary, as a sensory modality, to enliven and enchant knowledge-making, rather than aim simply at explanation? Could the inclusion of a fuller range of voices – not only from other disciplines and external stakeholders but from within our non-professional selves – add a lyrical dimension to saltwater worlds, or renew our reverence for the natural environment? Could these enchantments leak into our disciplinary philosophies, daily working habits, informal opinions or formal communications to improve research outputs in some way?

How do different research centres, departments or individuals at NTNU reinforce language use? How dimensional are their vocabularies? Do these practices change with context, audience, or over time? Are they static? How might we make ourselves more sensitive to the contours, textures and patterns in our language? How may we enrich the ways in which we use language, by widening the semantic net beyond our own disciplines? From morphemes to gestalt verbal units, what changes can be affected? How can we develop individual or collective practices for magnifying and demagnifying our field of attention, with respect to our dialects?

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Horrific! Sharks are beautiful wildlife that keep the engine of the planet’s blue heart humming, and to kill them for sport is unfathomable.

Join me in asking for an end to the shark fishing tournament on July 9 in Jupiter, Florida:
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Quel honneur! I was deeply grateful to spend time with President @EmmanuelMacron at #UNOC22 discussing the path forward to protecting the blue heart of the planet. With hope, France can also join the leaders protecting 30% of their ocean by 2030. France, nous croyons en toi! SylviaEarle photo
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What’s happening at the UN Ocean Conference today is a celebration of a strong move towards a turning point. Humans have succeeded in developing the most magnificent ways of destroying the planet and one another. Today, we celebrate Colombia for stepping up – 30 before 30! SylviaEarle photo
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Amazing to be at the UN Ocean Conference connecting with friends! Wonderful news from earlier today as Portugal makes a big splash in ocean protection. Thank you to @presidencia for being an ocean champion! SylviaEarle photo
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Three announcements today at the UN Ocean Conference from Portugal, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic are both hopeful and inspiring! These countries are paving the way forward to safeguard the ocean, steering towards 30% of ocean protection by 2030. #UNOC2022 #HopeSpots
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Mission Blue @MissionBlue
🌟 HOT OFF THE PRESS!🌟 Three major developments in ocean conservation announced at the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. 🧵

Photo by Nuno Sá

#UNOceanConference2022 #HopeSpots #UNOC2022
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I am delighted to welcome David Johnson and Vikki Gunn as the new Champions for the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone Hope Spot! We must put protections into place that safeguard the deep sea and high seas in order to secure an enduring future for humankind.
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This is great news — @deepseadawn is an amazing scientist!

For updates on this voyage, follow @deepseadawn and @GISandScience for updates

and the hashtag #deeperseadawn
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Esri Blog @EsriBlog
Within roughly a week, Dawn Wright ( @deepseadawn) an esteemed oceanographer and Esri’s chief scientist, will make a historic voyage to the deepest point on Earth. This voyage of discovery provides a magnification of her life’s work. #ocean
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This is CLIMATE SCIENCE y’all 🌊
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Peter Neff @icy_pete
Excited to be @Tulane w/ @raventurelli & @brent_goehring prepping @GlacierThwaites ice samples for analysis! The GHC team took samples from a short ice core extracted prior to bedrock coring at Mt. Murphy, Antarctica. Undergrad researchers will reveal what they tell us…
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#DYK about cleaner shrimp?

They’re the toothbrushes for moray eels!

We live on a #RemarkableOceanPlanet

Protect it in all its forms
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The dreams of an octopus. Watch the brilliant color changes of this sleeping octopus.

Nature is more amazing then we can ever know. Let’s protect her in all her forms. RT @MikeHudema

#ClimateEmergency #ActOnClimate
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Our world’s oceans 🌊 are bearing the weight of the climate crisis, rampant pollution and biodiversity loss.

Learn why we must #ActNow to #SaveOurOcean and why investment in our ocean is an investment in our survival.⤵️ RT @UNEP
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Three years ago, I sought to explain the rise of the killer clowns.
Why are people like Johnson, Trump and Bolsonaro now able to dominate our politics?
The underlying issues have not gone away.
And they won’t disappear when Johnson goes.
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Once again, the entire nation is paralysed by Boris Johnson’s insatiable craving for power. There is something profoundly wrong about a political system that hangs on the whims of one man. Especially a man as self-interested as this one.
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The River Wye is being destroyed by
Powys and

@pow_rebecca, who has refused Herefordshire Council permission to protect the river.
@PowysCC, which continues to grant permission for industrial chicken units.
The power of the farm lobby, that demands these policies.
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A government that cannot tolerate protest is a government that cannot tolerate democracy.
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Left unchecked, they will destroy everything.
My column.